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It is said that the Lestani are farmers forever. "Terre Rosse" was born from this passion handed down in 1997, when Adam took over from his father Franco in the family business, which until then had concentrated on the production of kiwi, planting in 2005 the first 2 hectares of red berry vineyard.

A company that already contains in its name the strong link with this red land of Cuccana, so rich in iron and so generous in its fruits.

Commitment, dedication and attention to detail pursue a single goal: the quality, which is recognized not only in the countryside, between the very orderly rows, but also in the cellar, in the meticulousness of the operations.

The system of breeding, the high quantity of plants per hectare, the thinning, the manual harvest in boxes, the drying system in rooms with controlled temperature and humidity and the aging in barrique and bottle make sense in a desire: to contribute to raise the prestige of the DOC Grave in the vineyard called Friuli.


The vineyards of the company extend into the green plains of Friuli Venezia Giulia in the Municipality of Bicinicco in the D.O.C. areas of Friuli.
The orientation is optimal for a quality production, which allows the leaves to capture as much light as possible from the sunny spring and summer days.

The distance between the rows is 2.5 meters and between the plants is 80 centimeters; in this way, some considerable planting sizes are obtained with about 5,000 vines per hectare.

The tradition in cultivation

Pruning, tying, peeling, thinning and harvesting are carried out strictly by hand to avoid overly aggressive vines and grapes.

The turf, present throughout the vineyard, allows to maintain an ideal microclimate as well as contain the excess water and improve the fertility and aeration of the soil affected by the roots of the vine.
For the control of weeds no herbicides are used, but the soil is worked on, improving and respecting its vitality.

The vines are trained in Guyot, a pruning system that allows lower yields per stock in favor of quality.
The grapes produced in this way will be healthy, of excellent quality and will certainly give a must rich in sugars, aromas and fragrances that we will then find, complexed by the action of fermenting yeasts, in our wines.

Terre Rosse Wines

TERRE ROSSE staff is your complete offer to provide you with any information.

Telephone: +39 0432 990102


Address: Via XXV Aprile, 24
                 Cuccana di Bicinicco
                 33050 (UD) Italia

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