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Terre Rosse wines from the Friuli DOC area

The harvest

The grapes arrive in the cellar after the manual harvest scrupulously transported in boxes avoiding to bump and ruin it.
All operations are carried out with the utmost hygiene and the must movements are carried out with techniques to avoid any deterioration.


Then follows a careful process of vinification through the use of insulated and refrigerated stainless steel tanks suitable for the control of fermentation temperature, a practice that allows to keep the primary perfumes of the grapes to the maximum.
The wine then undergoes various processes of decanting, thus giving preference to physical and chemical methods. 
A wine with natural clarity is thus obtained which does not require filtrationaggressive at the time of bottling and that allow to leave intact that body found in high quality wines.
The wine of some of our varieties is placed in French oak barrels and left to rest in barriques, giving the wine all the time necessary to extract from the wood those aromas that harmonize with those in existence and that complete the aromatic structure of the finished product.

Terre Rosse wines

Dopo l'imbottigliamento segue una fase di affinamento in bottiglia che varia da 3 a 6 mesi.
I nostri vini si prestano all'affinamento perché sono prodotti di ottima struttura alcoolica, poliacoolica ed aromatica.

La qualità dei Vini di Terre Rosse è stata riconosciuta dalle guide guida di vini nazionali (VERONELLI, BIBENDA, VITAE) e l'ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo ha ha permesso di conquistare in breve tempo sia in Italia che all'Estero.

Acquistare acquistare i nostri vini presso la nostra cantina oppure ordinarli contattandoci, li spediamo in tutto il Mondo.

Terre Rosse Wines

TERRE ROSSE staff is at your disposal to provide any information.

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